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How To Meet Two Girls In 20 Minutes (Part 4)

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This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series How To Meet Two Girls In 20 Minutes

I got myself out to a meetup again last night.

And yes I met my quota.

I even reviewed the RSVP list first.

Checked whose messaging was enabled too.

If you’ve been following this series, you understand these things are all prerequisites. If you want to make your time meeting girls efficient, these are some of the things you need to do.

So did I have success last night?

Well…not exactly.

At least not in the way I hoped for.

I didn’t meet anyone I was particularly “into.”

I did meet two girls and even a third one though, so on that front I was successful. But the girls I was attracted to from the RSVP list didn’t show.

Actually that’s not true either.

A couple of them did show.

But then they sat elsewhere.

They chatted with the organizer occasionally.

But I guess the rest of the group was chopped liver to them.

I admit this time the table was a bit of a sausage fest, and the male population at the meetup that night, was indeed a little rough going as well.

The two girls I met?

A nice somewhat older girl from France.

I chatted about my time in Paris with her.

The other girl has dreams of marital bliss.

She didn’t particularly appreciate how I roll!

But I did have a great chat with a guy I’ve met at this meetup before, who really “gets it.” He is so clearly polyamorous, but is stuck in a marriage, where his partner isn’t comfortable with that. Pity.

So why am I telling you all this?

After all, wasn’t this evening a total “meeting girls failure?”

I’m telling you because actually?

This evening was a total WIN!

The evening was a success to me, because I got myself out my doorway. As an introverted guy, I’ve been struggling with this lately, and hiding in my cocoon.


You can never guarantee you’ll meet someone.

But as my polyamorous friend said last night?

It’s random, but if you’re out there?

Eventually you WILL.

The reason I’ve shared all of this with you, is to remind you of this reality. Girls will never show up at your place saying, “Hey! Can I have a wonderful relationship with you?”

The funny thing about meeting someone?

There is only one way you can control it.

Stay at home.

I promise you, if you do?

That way you’ll control that you NEVER will.

How about you Mr Introverted Guy? Do you think if you stay at home again, you will increase your chances, or are you intelligent enough to recognize your chances increase exponentially, if you just get out your door?

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