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How To Meet An Introverted Partner

I know. I know.

You “bounce off the wall” types?

You think this blog post title is crazy!

An introverted partner?

Why would anybody want THAT?

Your idea of a fun time is to get together with all your compatriots. Crank up the tunes and talk about the latest sports team and your good.

We introverts though?

We see all that as so much preoccupation.

You’re just filling time.

Because you don’t have anything else worthwhile to do.

The problem for us introverts though is we don’t have an efficient way to find each other. So we have to frequent your social events even though for us they are an anxiety riden slough.

When we do go there?

We spend most of our time just observing.

Since we’re not into small talk?

We don’t do it well.

Why talk when you’ve got nothing to say?

But if we eyeball another introvert who is also completely out of their element? We quickly gravitate toward each other and then the REAL fun begins.

What is that?

We get into a DEEP conversation.

The kind of things we talk about?

You extroverts wouldn’t even understand!

For those of you introverts hoping this blog post was finally going to solve the mystery? I’m sorry to inform you I still find helping introverts meet for love like searching for the Holy Grail.

There is nothing I desire more.

I wish I could bring the two of you together.

I’m pretty sure if I figure it out?

It will set me up for life!

The problem is like every other introvert you keep spending your time hiding. You wonder where all the interesting guys or girls are and why they’re not knocking on your door.

How can you find an introverted partner?

So far to me it is still a mystery.

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Until then?

This intractable problem remains.

What about you? Are you an introvert who has figured out how to meet introverted partners or are you also wondering how to finally solve this conundrum too?

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