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How To Make The Diamond Appear

To most of you girls?

A guy falls into one of two different categories.

Either he’s a player?

Or he would potentially be willing to commit to you.

Because you see the world this way, you think you know how to design your strategy. To weed out those Bad Boys, all you have to do is hold out until they go away.

When the dust clears?

The guys who remain?

They are the potential keepers.

Snag one of those?

Keep him on a leash?

Eventually the diamond will appear from him.

Okay perhaps this is somewhat hyperbolic, but you understand what I’m saying. You don’t believe a guy could truly love you, unless he’s willing to be “the one” for you.

And then I come along.

Totally mess with your expectations.

Tell you I won’t commit to you.

But could definitely LOVE you.

Even for the long run.

The confusion comes over your face, and your jaw drops as your disbelief is breaking. What you’ve heard is not possible, because it doesn’t fit into your paradigm of how love “has to” work, does it?

In philosophy?

We call this “either/or” thinking.

Whenever you assume there are only two possibilities?

More often than not?

You’re mistaken.

That little box you’ve gotten yourself into, is actually limiting your possibilities. Love is a messy little creature, that frequently is just unwilling to comply with the way we try to constrict it.

Your heart is a deep well.

It has its own reasons.

If you listen to what it’s telling you?

You might find yourself falling in love.


Even with a guy like me?


While I definitely don’t fall nicely into those convenient absolute categories you’re using, I do fall into the more fulfilling category of someone who will genuinely love you.

So that’s your choice.

Stick to your guns and say no to love?

Or open your heart to embrace it.

Since I really find you special?

I hope that second one is what you’ll choose with me!

What do you think? Is it more important to experience a love in your life that’s genuine, or is it better to keep everything all neat and tidy, so you think you know just what you’re doing?

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