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How To Make It Safe To Fall In Love

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about you girls?

You put walls around your hearts continually.

You’re so afraid of getting hurt?

You just won’t let love in.

Girl after girl I have expressed interest in, has displayed this same pattern. And it isn’t just me, because I also see you resisting everyone else too.

An online dating coach told me once?

“Girls are trying to eliminate you.”

“The less information you give them in your profile?”

“The better off you’ll be.”

But it isn’t just in online dating you girls insistent guys must meet your “criteria.” Even offline, if a guy doesn’t size up, you are ready to pass on him.

He has to check off all 70 check boxes.

He has to satisfy your “deal breakers.”

What this tells me you truly believe?

It isn’t SAFE to just fall in love with him.

I would feel the same way too, if I wanted commitment and monogamy. With the extremely high percentage of monogamous relationships that fail, it’s amazing you want that kind of relationship at all!

But then I look at my own experience.

Why do I fall in love so easily?

The reason I can relax and just open my heart?

I’m not seeking any kind of commitment from you.

Right now a sweetheart of mine looks like she’s about to fall for a guy completely. She thinks he’s checking off all her checkboxes, so she’s ready to dive into her second marriage with him.

It breaks my heart to watch her though.

She just can’t see what’s coming.

She isn’t safe to fall in love at all.

Nobody is who wants monogamy.

It’s not my style to dissuade her of course, and that would only make her pursue him more fiercely. It is sad, but sometimes until you’ve tried and failed several times, you just don’t learn.

I don’t face any of these concerns.

You don’t need to face them either.

How do you make it safe to fall in love?

Embrace Romantic Friendships!

What do you say? Would you like to make it safe to fall in love, and not have to worry about making the wrong decision, or will you continue to insist that love can only come packaged, in a way that guarantees that wrong decision for you?

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