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How To Know You’ve Found “The One”

The image above is a meme I shared online.

It drew some fun reactions.

People gave me hilarious laughter emojis.

Obviously they knew what I mean.

There simply are no guarantees in life, which is the central challenge for monogamy. You’re hoping if you can get someone “committed” to you, then nothing will go wrong with it.

But of course life doesn’t work like that.

So say all those divorce statistics.

But as I was thinking more about this theme?

The answer suddenly came to me.

Recently I was messaging a sweetheart I am loving, and telling her about something she did that hurt me. But I made sure to affirm my love for her too before I got into it.

I told her, “Sometimes in our video chats I find myself just watching you.”

“Enjoying all your little expressions.”

“Sometimes I’ve even touched the screen.”

“Imagining caressing your face when I do.”

After this I told her what had hurt me.

But then immediately I said the magic words that should show anyone I’m “the one” for her. I said, “It’s not about other guys at all. I’m totally fine with the fact you’re enjoying their interest too.”

And there it is.

Did you catch it ?

How to know you’ve found “the one” for you?

In case you missed?

Let me spell it out now.

The way you can know you’ve found “the one,” is when you’ve found someone who doesn’t want to possess you. Someone who loves you so much, they are willing to let you be with anyone you choose.

The problem with monogamy?

It tells you to do exactly the opposite.

You should find someone you can possess.

Someone wanting to possess you too.

The only way to really have a love is to hold it with a hand that is wide open. The only way to have a hand that is wide open, is to have ZERO requirements your partner love only you.

That is how you’ll know “the one.”

Because their heart is yours irrespective.

When they let you run free?

When they love you as you are?

Only then will you know they’re “the one” for you!

What do you think? Is this paradox of love I’m pointing to wrong and I’m completely missing it, or have you been looking for assurances in all the wrong places?

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