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How To Get Confident Meeting Girls

Do you struggle with confidence?

If you do you’re not alone in this.

Even though I’m a generally confident guy?

In certain areas I struggle also.

And that phrase “certain areas” is something you should really get ahold of. It’s not that you are unconfident, it is that you’re unconfident about specific things.

Most of the guys I consult with?

They lack confidence meeting girls.

Something I myself have struggled with.

Which is why if you do, I can help you too.

If you think about your life though, there are probably a few things you have very strong confidence about. You’ve done them so many times by now, you just don’t recognize you do.

For instance in my case?

I’ve studied and written things forever.

I can tell you when my confidence doing this came.

The 5th grade was my “watershed” moment.

At that time my parents moved us from a blue collar neighborhood, to one where the doctor’s and lawyer’s kids attended. I went from being a “high academic” in my blue collar school, to really struggling to make good in this new one.

I remember the fateful day all too well.

“Janet, can you show Kelly how the ‘help me’ board works?”


That was the motivation I needed.

There would be no “help me” board for Kel.

So for my entire 5th grade year, I spent every evening down at the public library. I worked on studying for that Australia project non-stop, while all the other kids were out having fun and enjoying each other.

The net effect of that time for me?

I never had to study another day of my existence.

When my high school class received a 3 week assignment?

I’d get it done in 2 days, and spend the rest of the time relaxing!

When I struggled with lack of confidence meeting girls, I still had my personal success in this other area to draw on. I knew I could learn to connect with girls, because I’d developed confidence in this other area before.

You can apply your past successes too.

It doesn’t matter what area you’re drawing from.

Just like there was a time you weren’t good at that area?

There will come a time when you’re good at this one as well!

What do you think? Does is really matter that you’re not confident meeting girls now, or do your past achievements show you if you keep at it, eventually you’ll have those girls lining up for you?

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