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How To Find The Perfect Girl (Part 3)

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I have a friend who has a Facebook group.

It’s about promoting an alpha perspective.

He recently published a post about love.

About finding the perfect girl to be with.

To his credit, in this post he was recognizing that the answer isn’t in a girl’s physical beauty. He tells the tale of getting to know such a girl, but then plumbing into the depths of her character.

What he found?

Beauty is only skin deep.

Who this person actually was though?

That was limitless.

Having encountered a girl like this, he now believes he should never again settle. He should always insist that any girl he is with must be at her optimum spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Girls who do not match his criteria?

They are simply lesser beings.

Just as he maximizes himself in these ways?

Any girl he is with must be his equal.

The girl he wants must be “everything and more!” If he doesn’t meet this from the latest girl, or “the next one or the next one,” he will keep searching until he finds her.

As a man of standards?

He has learned to walk away.

Not settle for anything less than perfection.

He even admits it’s not a human he wants.

He’s seeking “the goddess who has it all.”

When I read his post my heart saddened of course, because just like you he is totally missing the picture. I replied, “I prefer to enjoy each one for what I value in her, despite her imperfections.”

Love is not about finding the perfect partner.

It’s about finding the value in each person.

You don’t need to be a god.

She doesn’t need to be a goddess.

It’s quite alright for you both to just be HUMAN.

If you cannot love someone “warts and all?” Then you haven’t truly learned what love is. Love is not at all about finding someone who meets your impossible expectations.

Love is just about being with your partner.

Appreciating him or her for their wonder.

Everyone is special in many ways.

You just need to open your eyes and see it.

What do you think? Is love really so unattainable that you have to scale the heavens to bring it down to you, or it is actually readily available in the next person you meet just around the corner?

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