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How To Find The Perfect Girl (Part 2)

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I’m sure you’ve heard of this TV show.

It’s called The Batchelor.

And what’s this show all about?

Trying to find “the one.”

On this show, an eligible guy gets to date himself about 30 girls to “find her.” He goes out on dates with each of them and yes, sometimes the two of them even “get it on.”

But this season threw everybody for a curve.

“How did it do that?” you ask me.

When it came down to the final choice?

The Batchelor decided he was in love with THREE of them.

In case you think you heard me wrong, you can watch a little clip here where he discusses this “problem.” Turns out, he found each of these girls special, so he told each of them he loved them.

As he confirms this to the interviewers?

All the girls in the audience gasp with incomprehension.

How could he do this?

Doesn’t he understand?

When he’s asked what it was like to tell all three girls, he said, “It just seemed like the right thing to do, because I had these feelings. I go back and forth with wondering if I should try to explain, that you can fall in love with multiple people.”

He continues, “I never believed that you could.”

“When I walked into it I said, ‘I’m not going to.'”

“It’s not possible. There’s no way,”

“That’s a trap. It’s a bad path to go down.”

He concluded, “But then it happened.”

And just like I told you in Part 1, he says he was falling for each of them for different reasons. “I just felt at those moments I should tell them, because they had told me.”

Of course the male interviewer?

He tries to recover the “impossibility.”

“But is there one? I mean I’m in love with each of you but…”

“I love you a little bit more than I love you and you.”

“Is there a degree of that love…a difference to when you say it?”

Clearly what has to be done here, is to preserve the monogamy narrative. Surely it can’t be possible to TRULY love each of these girls in her own way, so that there is no reason to pick “the one?”

“Yeah I was falling ‘harder’ for some of the women,” the Batchelor added.

But then qualified this by saying, “If you want to say that.”

“But I also felt with every conversation, that could change.”

“I loved them for different reasons.”

Even our protagonist can’t quite bring himself to resist the monogamy paradigm’s pressure. “Maybe with this next conversation, I end up realizing I’m better with this person.”

“Very confusing,” the female interviewer finishes with.

But is it really that confusing?

Every person you fall in love with is unique and special.

Why should it surprise you that you can love every one.

How about you? Can you really say that you’ve never found yourself loving more than one person, and if you have, then why on earth should you not just accept that and act on it as well?

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