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How To Be The Coolest Girl In His Life (Part 5)

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Cool Girl and I just got back from a trip to Vegas.

This was my first trip there since 2016.

I wrote about my experience then.

How I realized how unaffected I am now by things that used to trigger my sexual addiction.

Make me want to run off and “do something” about it.

Not any more.

This trip to Vegas with Cool Girl was also a trip down memory lane for me.

And in true Cool Girl fashion she amazed me yet again.

It started even before our trip, when we were planning how we wanted to spend our time. She got busy scouting out some things she thought we would both enjoy.

I don’t remember how we got on the subject.

But we started talking about the Hooters hotel.

No doubt Cool Girl was probably encouraging me to check out anything I would enjoy.

She knows that includes cute girls.

And Hooters has, well, a “reputation” you might say.

But I really didn’t want Cool Girl to think my focus was on the Vegas girls at all. I told her there was no real need to check out Hooters, “unless of course YOU’RE curious,” I said with a wink.

Her reply was typical Cool Girl.

“Then I guess Hooters might just be in our future!”

All good with me.

I aim to please!

But that’s not all she did.

As we walked around the Strip our first night there?

She made sure to point out the sights to me.

“She has a nice bum,” she said about a girl nearby, to the chagrin of two gals in the elevator with us. “There are some breasts on display over there,” she pointed out, as we walked further down the way.

Cool Girl didn’t want me to miss ANY of the goodness Vegas had to offer.

We did a typical visit down Freemont street.

With similar aesthetic effect.

Again as I wrote about last year, none of this affects me anymore.

No need to run off and masturbate.

To “relieve” myself from the turn on.


I just ENJOY the feeling of attraction now and go merrily on my way.

When we got to Hooters though, Cool Girl was definitely disappointed. Almost none of the waitresses at the Hooters restaurant had donned the characteristic tank top and orange short-shorts.

“Here we are in Vegas,” she said.

“And the casino table dealers are dressed SEXIER!”

“If you don’t want to dress like a Hooters girl?”

“Go get another job!”

I felt sorry for Cool Girl (and for myself) but there was nothing to be done about it.

But as we sat there at the not-so-Hooters restaurant, another topic of conversation ensued. It had to do with a “topless review” that had peeked my interest the night before.

We took in the buffet at the Luxor.

It hosts the 18 years running show FANTASY.

It is dubbed “The Strip’s Biggest Tease!”

I took an interest in it.



Though not the kind you might suspect.

I work with clients to overcome porn addiction.

I use an approach known as exposure therapy.

With this you don’t hide from your triggers.

Instead you use them to develop self-control.

Since my visit to Vegas in 2016 showed me how successfully I have left my addiction behind, I was intrigued with the idea of exposing myself to this next level form of stimulae.

Don’t get me wrong.

The idea of enjoying some girls strutting their stuff on stage?

That interested me as well!

Like I always say…I’m a guy.

But you know me.

I’m always experimenting too!

The night before our Hooters visit, I brought up the idea of going to the show with Cool Girl. She was open to it but as the evening wore on I asked her an important question.

“If I was not here with you, is this the type of show you would go to?”

She admitted, “Probably not.”

I said, “Okay then let’s forget it.”

I was there to enjoy time with Cool Girl.

Not check out topless shows.

We left it at that and enjoyed our evening together instead.

But the next day this show thing was still on my mind. Primarily as an opportunity to expose myself to a new, more significant form of stimulae, as I said.

But I was also thinking something I’ve often talked about.

A guy goes to Hawaii and wants to play golf because he loves it.

But he passes because it costs $250.

My reply?

How often are you in Hawaii?

Pay the $250 bucks!

Part of my hesitation with this show thing, is it was $70 per person. As we sat at Hooters I told Cool Girl if we could get a two for one I would happily pay her way.

She said she didn’t mind paying and she thought we should go.

She also said we could try to get cheaper tickets anyway.

Sure enough we found those.

After booking our seats for that night we attended the show.

We thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was quite a display of talent.

No guys, not just visual assets.

These girls can REALLY dance!

After the show they offered free pictures with the girls, as well as a 2 for 1 deal on their calendar. I had a favorite girl that I liked from the show and Cool Girl encouraged me to get my picture taken with her as well.

“She’s pretty,” she said.

So I came away from Vegas with a lot of great experiences!

Enjoying the attraction the Vegas girls bring.

But the girl I enjoyed the MOST?

Cool Girl of course!

She really is the coolest girl in my life!

How about you girls? Could you see yourself encouraging your guy to enjoy Vegas and all its wonders?

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