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How To Be The Coolest Girl In His Life (Part 10)

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series How To Be The Coolest Girl In His Life

As I posted my previous post in this series?

It struck me you might wonder what the point was.

Instead of showing you how to be the coolest girl in his life?

Most of this series was just about Cool Girl’s breakups with me.

To correct the impression that she actually wasn’t cool, I need to point out that while Cool Girl DID break up with me annually? Outside of these times she felt the need to “leave,” it was a totally wonderful relationship.

My friends would often ask, “Why do you keep ‘taking her back?'”

I never looked at it that way EVER.


How many relationships do YOU know about?

Ones where you can count the “problems” each year on one finger?

If you want to see more of how Cool Girl and I enjoyed ourselves, all you need to do is search her name in the site search feature. I have lots of posts where I document various ways she and I enjoyed our connection each year.

So despite all appearances from this blog post series?

Cool Girl was BY FAR the coolest girl in my life so far.

Had extenuating circumstances not arisen that threw her totally off?

I have little doubt she and I would still be connecting.

There are so many things I could share with you about our life together, and I wouldn’t even be getting started. Fun times checking out vegan restaurants. Cooking at home. So many memories and all of them pleasant ones.

Though I told you about our Vegas trip?

That time wasn’t the most special.

The first time we shared in Vegas was earlier still.

It was a privilege, and I will always cherish sharing that experience with her.

Then there were the gluten free expos and Red Robin times, and our crazy bus rides on the 6 in downtown Vancouver. Never a dull moment on that route for sure, and we often laughed about them.

There were simple times we could never have planned.

Crazy times like hunting all afternoon for that gluten free bakery!

How many movies did she and I watch together?

If you can even call what we ended up doing “watching!” (wink, wink)

So hopefully what I’ve shared here today let’s you know in a small way, just how much Cool Girl means to me. Though she’s moved off now into her “grand experiment” as I say, she always has an open door with me.

Thank you Cool Girl for sharing yourself.

For being a lover I will cherish forever.

I hope for you every happiness now.

I’m here if you ever need me.

What do you think? Have I done a good job of correcting the impression of this blog post series, and have I successfully convinced you that Cool Girl definitely was and is and always will be cool to me?

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