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How The Other Woman Devastated Our Relationship

Cool Girl and I had a really great thing.

For several years our relationship kept humming.

Easy and simple like I’ve told you before.

But that was until the “other woman.”

Her name was Mirena and no, she is not another girl I had a relationship with. “The Other Woman” is the name Cool Girl gave to the new birth control she was trying.

The Mirena is an IUD.

That stands for “intrauterine contraceptive device.”

Think “the pill” without all the hassle.

Once you have one of these babies “installed?”

You won’t even have a period!

At least that’s the press you girls are often given from the pharmaceutical marketing people. That was my experience with girls in the past too, or I never would have recommended it.

In fairness though, I wasn’t the only one.

Cool Girl got lots of additional advice before proceeding.

But what she experienced was totally different than the marketing said.

It turned her into a completely different person.

It started about 6 months in, when she had a couple incredible emotional freak outs. Totally unike the Cool Girl I knew, and they happened on a 28 day cycle.

Coincidence that?

I think not!

So I started doing some research.

When I read all the horror stories from girls who had used the thing?

I began preparing to break the news to Cool Girl.

The next 6 months were a little less inconsistent, though Cool Girl did perform her third annual breakup in there. When she came back that time we made it another few months, but then the straw that broke the camel’s back finally happened.

Another emotional scene.

Just another misunderstanding to me.

But at this point?

I think Cool Girl became “relationship proactive.”

She wrote me an email about how since the “other woman” came into our lives, things had gotten tougher. That she hadn’t even told me all she’d experienced, but it wasn’t fair to me to keep putting me through this.

How she ended that email?

It broke my heart!

“I am sorry I keep letting you down,” she said.

“That I can’t live up to the Cool Girl pedestal you put me on.”

I responded to that email saying how sorry I was too, that she was struggling more than even I imagined. I told her I hadn’t put her on a pedestal at all, because I know who she was before this “thing” entered the picture.

We chatted on WhatsApp a few months more.

But then she went totally silent.

I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

I suspect I’m subject to her PMS plan on steroids.

And so ends (I assume) several wonderful years.

And all because of the “other woman.”

But I just want to say for the world to hear.

She really was and IS a cool girl and I love her!

How about you? Do any of you girls have birth control horror stories to share, about how it totally messed with your personality?

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