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How Long Have You Been Together? (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series How Long Have You Been Together?

Hey there!

Doctor REALISM here.

Yes it’s that time.

I have to once again up your dosage.

If you read Part 1 you know what I’m talking about here, and as you might suspect, I’ve had another one of “those” encounters.

This time it is an early 30s something girl.

And yes.

She is totally enamored.

What’s worse though is usually she’s not.

Even this time she “fought and resisted.”

Apparently he checked off every box on her list (Ah girls!), and even though he felt like just what she needed, she didn’t give in immediately.

But finally she told herself.

“Stop messing around.”

“This guy is absolutely perfect for you.”

And there it is!

All it takes is that FANTASY.

Once you start to believe that?

Then it really envelopes you.

The saddest part is this girl is an influencer too, so of course she has to pontificate to her “tribe” about it. Now that “romantic love” has swept her off her feet, she can’t wait to see everybody else open up to it.

“You can have whatever you desire!” she says.

“You deserve it.”

“Don’t settle.”

“Life is preparing them just for you.”

“Believe me they’re out there.”

“Life works in wonderful ways.”

“Your perfect match exists.”

As always it is so hard to watch, because I know all about new relationship energy. As wonderful as it is, and how impossible it is to believe, it has a definite shelf life.

I suspect you’re wondering.

Did I ask her my question?

“How long have you been together?”

I didn’t have to

I already know.

A little over a year ago this guy started trying to connect, but it took a whole year before she finally caved, and agreed to see him.

So it hasn’t been long at all.

But when you’re “in love?”

That doesn’t matter.

You just KNOW it will work.

Okay gotta go.

Need to buy myself another stop watch!

What do you think? Will you ever learn that “romantic love” is just Nature’s con job, and will you finally open yourself up to the better alternative?

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