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How I Feel About Empaths

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I read an interesting article.

It’s was called Female Empaths: 11 Reasons Why Men Cannot Handle Them. [Article link no longer working unfortunately]

As I reflected on what it said?

I found it mostly to be true.

Though I wouldn’t say I can’t “handle” empaths I do find amusing your self assessment. You are wonderful girls (and guys) but I view your “gifts” very differently than you do.

The article says you’re “fully invested.”

Of course you are.

You are emotional people.

And yes you are “inquisitive” and “intense.”

Because that’s kind of what FEELERS major in.

Once we hit the part about “seeing through facades” though? That’s when the claims start to unravel. I don’t believe for one moment you can “sense someone’s true intent” but I certainly believe you think you can.

I say this because I’ve watched you girls.

You constantly contradict each other.

You believe you “sense” something there.

Your soul sister disagrees because she “senses” something different.

We’re told you need constancy whether from “a morning routine, a friend or lover.” But then we’re told you are independent and need to be left alone.

I have no problem either way.

I just question the reason you feel you need that.

Are you really “absorbing other’s feelings” at those times?

Even if you were?

How could you KNOW?

The article claims as an empath you have a lot of difficulty “intellectualizing” your own feelings. The theory is you’re too busy experiencing other people’s feelings to be able to understand yours.

I don’t doubt there’s a lot of feeling going on there.

I just doubt your interpretation.

And since you can’t “intellectualize” any of this?

How could anyone ever prove you’re wrong anyway?

It also comes as no surprise you love your “tribe” and surround yourself with other empaths “who understand” you. If I experienced this kind of emotional intensity all the time? I’d also look for someone to affirm to me I’m not going crazy.

Empaths are brutally honest?


So are INTJs apparently!

The difference though between me and you?

I’ll never ask you to believe something is true just because I FEEL it is!

What do you think (feel?)? Am I just being too brutally honest here about my doubts regarding “empathology” or are you picking up a different intention from me that you think (feel?) I’m just not noticing?

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