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How I Feel About Empaths (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series How I Feel About Empaths

In Part 1 I took a stab at “empathology.”

Needless to say I was a bit brutal.

When it comes determining truth?

I don’t put a lot of stock in FEELINGS.

Now just to qualify all this a bit, understand that I myself experience and appreciate intuition. As an INTJ I know quite well that hunches and “feelings” are definitely forms of input processing.

But what I never do?

Assume intuition itself is enough.

Before I take it as fact?

I always cross check it rationally.

A desk calendar of mine has a great phrase for one of it’s days. It says, “Never ignore a gut feeling but never believe that it’s enough.” I think that right there is some real wisdom!

I actually agree with a psychologist Facebook friend.

She was commenting on the area of Epistemology.

She thinks we should make space for both intuition and evidence.

Both emotion and reason.

Sensing and knowing.

So if I’m saying all this ,why on earth did I give you empath girls such a hard time in my last one? The reason is because you put all your stock in your feelings, even when they are contradictory.

My own take on intuition?

It’s a high speed processing system.

You pick up on inputs unconsciously.

You process them and get a gut feeling.

But just like you can only think through things based on what you’ve already thought about and already believe in? Your intuition is only as good as the information it is based on as well.

The times I’ve found intuition works best?

It’s after I’ve done a lot of conscious thinking.

After I’ve worked on a problem a lot?

My subsconscious has concrete data to work with.

I used to find this all the time when I was working as a software developer. I would struggle and grope to find my way to a software solution. Then I would let my subsconscious work on it over night and the “Aha!” would hit me in the morning.

So don’t just trust that amazing computer of yours.

Be sure you cross check it and give it lots of CONCRETE information

Once you’ve given it all the conscious input you can?

I will have a lot more confidence in your “empathic” conclusions.

What do you think? Is “empathology” really the answer to discarding the claims of modern science, or is it just one way to work through things that will be more enhanced if you give it more to work with?

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