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How Guys’ Minds Actually Work

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“Would you like to grab a seat?” she asked.

She was a slim, attractive girl in a nice tight fitting black dress.

A hostess at the Brown’s restarant.

Brown’s is one of those restaurants like Moxies and Earl’s.

Known for the goddesses that serve you.

At least that’s what most guys think about them, though I beg to differ myself.

Most guys who go there spend more time drooling over the menu and pouring over the help, than they do taking in other types of physical nourishment.

The place really is a guy’s paradise.

It’s just waiting for him to pick some of its rare tropical fruit.

I almost slipped and said what I was thinking when she asked me if I wanted to grab (her) a seat.

What went through my mind?

Things like, “Yes please!”

Or, “Why, do you want me to?” (seductive wink)

Or, “Turn around and I’ll let you know.”

Later on when I was further able to assess her actual assets, I knew if I was honest I would definitely have just said yes.

The pickup artists would say I should have too.

Because you girls are attracted to guys who play the “bad boy.”

The idea is to walk that fine line.

The one between being totally crude.

And totally prude with you.

We need to say things that shock you and make you think, “I can’t believe you said that!” But then even though you think this, your face still shows a subtle smile when we’re done.

Because it tells you we are confident guys.

With a healthy sexual way about us.

It makes you feel sexual too.


You are always attracted to people who make you feel attractive about yourself. This dynamic pulls you while it repels you, when a guy gets it just right.

But as you know I’m not an “out for sex” kind of guy.

So I play you girls a bit more politely.

This doesn’t mean I’m a “nice guy.”

I just have different goals in mind.

I want to know you.

Care about you.

Before I go all “sexual” on you.

Though I didn’t get this girl’s number like I did with the cute little slavic waitress at the French restaurant the night before, I definitely enjoyed the feelings she aroused in me.

That’s a big part of what it means to be a guy.

You see girls, as Leanne Belle says in her article His Penis, guys are potent sexual beings.

[Note: Sadly Leanne’s excellent site appears not to be online anymore.]

It doesn’t matter how prim and proper you force us to behave in public.

Under the surface this energy is always simmering.

You can do a few things about this.

You can pretend it isn’t real. You can let it bother you and make you insecure. Or…you can celebrate it.

What you definitely will never do?

Change what we are inside.

But do you REALLY want to do that anyway?

Who wants a guy who has no PASSION in his bones?

Who can’t stir anything similar in you?

Yes attraction will definitely mess with you.

But it is still also definitely here to stay.

So the next time you ask us if we’d like to grab (your) a seat, or any other thing with a high probability of being inuendoed, be sure of this: We went there! If only in our minds.

That’s how guys’ minds actually work.

But it doesn’t mean we don’t love you.

Think of you as the special person that you are.

Just because you will always be sex objects to us too.

You are BOTH to us.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

What we need is for YOU to not want it any other way either.

Because like you, we want you to love us for WHO WE ARE.

This IS who we are.

So what do you think girls? Can you handle the way guys’ minds actually work?

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