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How Guys’ Minds Actually Work (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series How Guys’ Minds Actually Work

“Did you buy that to practice?” I asked.

Then I thought, “Oops!”

“Did I say that out loud?”

Thankfully from her facial expression I hadn’t.

But that is the first thought that went through my mind when I saw her on the street corner holding it. She was a reasonably attractive girl and there she was brandishing herself a nice banana!

Yep! That’s right!

My mind “went there.”

But thankfully my mind and my mouth?

They are usually disconnected.

As I’ve told you girls before, I am also a well trained guy who knows you don’t really want to hear what I’m thinking. How guys’ minds work would definitely ruffle all those sweet sensitivities of yours.

But just because I had that thought?

It didn’t mean I was disrespecting her.

I just wish everybody was less uptight.

It would be so fun to be able to kid with her!

I went straight from there to the tanning salon that I frequent because of my psoriasis. When I walked inside, the girl at the counter who I’ve gotten to know had her hair down straight and was looking really beautiful.

“Oh did you get your hair straightened?” I asked.

She told me, “No I just usually wear it up when it’s dirty.”

“Well it looks really nice like that.”

She thanked me and I went to the tanning booth.

On the way back home I encountered another cute girl, only this time she was a mother. As I was walking along I suddenly heard a tiny voice and turned to see she was carrying a little one.

I asked her how her day was.

She was also very nice.

Since we both live in Vancouver?

We commiserated about the weather as we walked.

You may be wondering what all these random events I’ve told you about here have in common. Why have I shared them in this blog post of how guys minds actually work?

Truth be told, while we have sexual thoughts?

We also have all sorts of other thoughts about you.

We’re not beasts just because we’re sexual guys.

But you have to accept ALL of this to love us!

What do you think girls? Are you actually interested in loving a guy and are your ready to fully accept him, or are you still hoping as Alison Armstrong says that you can find yourself a “hairy woman?”

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