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How Do You Get Your Flirt On? (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series How Do You Get Your Flirt On?

In Part 1 what did I say?

You shouldn’t flirt to get into a relationship.

What should you do instead?

Take time to get to know each other first.

You might think from what I said there, that there is no place at all left for flirting. You couldn’t be misunderstanding me more, if you think I meant that.

Where does flirting actually belong?

It belongs INSIDE your relationship.

Once you’ve both connected for who you are?

The floodgates for being sexual together open wide.

This is what is so wrong about a Psychology Today article I read on flirting. The author thinks when you flirt in a relationship it is about emotional connection, and not about sex.

As you know if you’ve hung out here?

This is a completely mistaken dichotomy.

Romantic love IS about emotional connection yes.

But it is totally about sex as well.

The author thinks that once you’re an item, suddenly flirting is no longer sexual. Instead it is about making your partner feel they are loved and are important to you.

You use it to boost their self-esteem.

To communicate uniquely.

To reduce tension and fighting too.

Good grief!

What a buzz kill!

If you ever have a relationship with me, you’ll see how completely sexual and flirty I can be. Once I really know and love a girl, as far as I’m concerned it’s on.

I learned the art of innuendo years ago.

As a good little Christian boy I had to.

To prevent kids in school from sexually twisting my words?

I developed a “dirtier” mind than they had!

Every time I spoke, I was always previewing what I said for potential innuendos. This way I could filter my words in advance, so I didn’t give those “perverted” kids the ability to mess with me.

But once I’m in a relationship now?

This developed skill of mine comes in handy.

I can play and flirt and twist EVERYTHING.

It’s really fun now to connect this way!

So once you’re in a relationship?

Go for it!

What do you think? Is flirting next to useless once you’re in a relationship, or do you think that’s when the fun begins?

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