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How Do I Date A 10?

This is a question that was posed recently.

I saw it in a pickup artist newsletter I read.

Guys are always asking the question.

How do I date a quality girl.

AKA a 10?

The thing that struck me immediately?

What do you MEAN by a 10 anyway?

This is not just an academic question but is essential to your relationship life. Part of why you fail so much is you’re targeting the wrong thing.

For most of you guys?

You think of a 10 as a complete HOTTIE.

The relationship you’re wishing you could land?

You want it with a physically amazing girl.

Just one problem with that program Sherlock.

If she’s a hottie she’s usually haughty.

Or she’s completely insecure.

Since you’re wanting an actual relationship you’re not just shooting for something nice to look at. You have to be able to interact with this girl more than just in the bedroom.

I’m not naive.

I know I’ll never convince you.

You’ll always want some physical attraction there.

But hopefully over time?

Her personality will take higher place.

Until you get to where her looks are simply not so mission critical though? You’ll always end up in relationships that fall short of what you’re really wanting.

Sexual fulfillment?


It is a key part of any relationship.

But emotional connection is EQUALLY important.

That has nothing to do with her looks.


This is why I’m always telling you that you need to be smarter than your DNA. You can’t deny how nature has wired you but you don’t need to let it lead you.

You balance things by using your head.


The other head stupid!

You need to quit functioning like an automaton.

You need to start functioning consciously.

Take the reigns over your nature.

This will be hard at first I know because the call of the wild can be quite overwhelming. Why do you think I say that most of you guys are naturally sexually addicted?

But if you’ll follow my advice?

Learn to take control?

An amazing thing will happen.

That girl you think of as a 6 or 7?

She will tranform into a 10 before your eyes.

And THAT my boy is how you date a 10!

What do you think? Can you start moving toward evaluating your dating life using the head above instead of the lower one?

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