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Here’s 3 Things You’ve Got To Do To Meet Girls If You’re An Introverted Guy (Part 2)

In Part 1 I gave you the 3 important first steps.

Leave your home.

Move near her.

Open your mouth and say, “Hi.”

But you probably felt when I told you this that I sort of left you hanging. What are you supposed to do to keep the conversation going after that?

The first thing to realize?

This is all about investigaton.

All you’re really trying to do?

Check her level of interest out.

Step one of this investigatory phase starts right after you say “Hello” to her. What you are checking out at this point is how OPEN she actually is.

If a girl won’t even say “Hi” back?

She’s not a strong prospect for you.

You’re not looking for a project here.

You’re looking for a girl who is sweet and nice.

Step two of this investigation phase is to find out how fun she would be to be with. You do that by asking her open ended questions that get her talking about herself.

“So what do you do for fun these days?”

“What are you really passionate about?”

“How did you come to love that?”

You want her expressing her emotions about things.

If she opens up to you here you’ll really get to experience and feel her energy. Don’t underestimate those sweet introverted girls though because they can take a bit of time to feel comfortable and open up.

If at this point she’s still talking to you?

She is definitely interested and likes you.

Assuming you like her too the final step of your investigation now?

Does she like you enough to meet up?

What I usually do at this stage is say something genuinely complimentary and inviting, “You seem really sweet (nice, friendly, interesting, intelligent, fill in the blank anything you genuinely mean). What do you say we catch a drink sometime soon?”

Then you shut up.

Let her process that momentary tension.

If she says yes you grab her number.

If she’s not interested?

You found out!

What do you say guys? Is approaching a girl and asking her out really rocket science or is it just a natural part of being a Nice Guy after all?

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