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Here Is How To Make Somebody’s Day

I was walking Cool Girl to the train the other day.

We had just spent a nice overnighter and really enjoyed our time together.

As we were walking along I asked her a question.

“Do you look people in the eye when you walk along or do you do what that girl just did and stare straight ahead?”

She looked at me curious.

Then I told her how when I walk the streets of Vancouver I always seek to make eye contact.

Not just with girls I find attractive, but I do admit a bit of a bias there.

When I told her this Cool Girl started walking at a distance from me.

Like she didn’t want anybody to know I was with her.

She was kidding around of course but for a lot of you girls just aren’t.

That’s how you Vancouver girls are these days. My dating coach friends refer to it as “resting bitch face.”

No this isn’t just my imagination.

I had a coffee meeting recently with a Brazilian guy who connected with me for business through LinkedIn.

He asked me directly about this.

He said, “Am I just misinterpreting things or are Vancouver girls extremely cold?”

Of course he spawns from a culture that is unapologetically sensual.

So this was a shock to his system.

As he put it, “In Latin cultures when we meet in a bar or on the street we naturally flirt with each other. There is just an energy that it is assumed will be happening.”

What a refreshing thought that is!

But unlikely to happen here in the land of “rape-culture-phobia.”

You girls think a guy wants to have his way with you if he even pauses to give you a glance.

Heaven forbid he actually makes eye contact with you!

You’d probably die of shock.

Well speaking of shock, today I experienced a HUGE one myself.

I was walkilng along Burard Street with a bag of groceries in my hands.

I saw a tall attractive girl coming my way and as I always do I sought to catch her eye.

To my COMPLETE surprise not only did she hold eye contact with me?

She gave me the biggest, warmest smile I have experienced from a girl since I came to Vancouver three years ago.

And it completely made my day!

I was so taken off guard I didn’t even think to stop her and genuinely say hello.

Say thank you for being so open and so warm.

Because she WAS.

We’ll probably never see each other again.

That’s really too bad.

That’s the kind of girl I think is really worth getting to know. I still feel warm inside thinking about her!

To have an attractive person acknowledge you’re alive.

Isn’t that what you’re seeking through love anyway?

How easy it was for her to just acknowledge my humanity.

That I wasn’t some creep at all.

I was just a friendly guy seeking to connect with her as we passed each other that day.

We gave each other a GIFT.

And went happily on our way.

What do you think girls? Is it really that hard to just be open and sincere and make some guy feel this good today  too?

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  1. Jeff Tait

    Yep, I always seek to make eye-contact with the opposite sex approaching me on a sidewalk. Most times, they don’t even look. When they do and see me staring or even smiling back at them, they look away, sometimes making me now self-conscious about having looked in the first place! Once in a (very)blue moon, I experience a warm smile in return, and it really elevates my spirits as well. Recently, I had a rarer than rare experience walking along W. Georgia when a girl approaching me said: “You must be having a good day with a great smile like that!” I quickly replied: “Well, yours too!” Sadly, she just kept walking and never turned back. I didn’t know if I should holler after her…or chase after her…but somehow that would’ve seemed a little desperate I thought. Bummer. Would’ve liked to have had the opportunity to explore a deeper connection with her had she stopped on the sidewalk following my reply to her initial comment. Women in Vancouver are generally cold I’ve found, and I’ve often considered moving away to try for better luck elsewhere. Another observation of mine has been of how many women nowadays own dogs and/or cats. Every-time I spot a cute girl on the street, I then notice the 2 dog leashes emanating from each of her hands. It’s as if the women that didn’t replace their love for a man with kids, are replacing that love with pets!Guess they don’t want or need men now…or so it seems.

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