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Her Relationship Status Doesn’t Matter Tell Her How You Feel! (Part 3)

This seems to be a big theme for me now.

Because the memories just keep coming.

Memories of all the girls I’ve loved in my life.

Those I’ve put myself out there with and let them know about it.

It probably doesn’t hurt that I’m polyamorous though.

I have no vested interest in any one girl feeling the same.

If a girl that I love doesn’t share my desire?

I just move on and go find one that does!

This is what I really mean about polyamory being “openness to romantic love with ANYONE.” Not everyone who you experience desire for is going to reciprocate.

That’s okay.

There are plenty of fish as they say.

But you’ve got to have your line in the water.

The more people you seek to reel in?

The more who will naturally respond to you.

My experience is I’m a bit of a slow burn.

Girls take time to fully warm up to me.

When a girl finally realizes where I’m truly coming from and that I’m solidly what I appear to be she changes. She starts to warm up to me and desire to share more deeply.

So I just put it out there and wait.

And continue to be me.

That’s the part they need to see.

I’m there when they decide they’re ready.

If ready never comes?

Well I love them anyway.

Because my love is not conditioned on need.

Another recent experience saw me spending some wonderful time with a girl I met in the past couple years. I didn’t have a lot of time to get to know her before she came for a little visit.

That was when it happened.

I saw who she really was.

I realized I was taken once again.

It didn’t matter to me she is in a relationship.

I just knew how I felt.

I faced that fatal moment.

Do I express how I feel?

I decided that I had to.

So I wrote her, “You are almost my ideal female. Cute, slim, attractive girl with a wonderful personality but a depth that I love as well. My latest version of crack!”

That’s right.

I wrote that.

To a girl who previously didn’t know I was interested.

What happened?

She was totally THRILLED!

She told me she wanted to frame it.


Not quite what I was after!

I’m also not sure what the boyfriend will think of that!

Listen. Life is too short. These opportunities come and go and if you don’t seize them when they are present they’ll be gone.

Don’t let them pass you by.

Don’t fail to take the time.

Don’t forget to share your heart!

Tell her.

Tell him.

The time is NOW.


There it goes!

This is your third chance now. Do you think you can drum up the bravery to finally let that heart throb of yours in on your secret?

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