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He Really Gets It

I met him at a meetup.

Of course I was there to meet girls.

But I’m okay with male convo too.

We started to talk about relationships. (Shock!)

Twenty years ago he met this girl, and she was okay with him seeing other girls. She wanted him and was fine with this, so he agreed to move in with her.

As the years moved on though?

The deal started changing.

Not because he changed at all.

Per usual?

It was HER.

Slowly subtle assumptions developed, that became sealed with the arrival of children. Not sure what it is about you girls, that you think us guys don’t mean what we mean.

Fast forward twenty years now?

She’s policing his every behavior.

Checking his phone.

Questioning every meetup with a friend.

Of course the main problem with friends, is he is once again meeting other girls now. He encounters them at meetups like the one he and I met at, and often ends up getting to know them from there.

He isn’t having sex with them.

He’s just enjoying the emotional connection.

How is the sex with his partner now?

“Frequent enough” he said.

But mainly because she doesn’t want to lose him.

He agreed with me immediately when I said, “Yeah, like you’re just looking for sex from her for THAT reason.” Like most girls, she doesn’t understand that he wants to be desired by her.

When I desribed Romantic Friendships to him?

He said, “You’ve figured it out, haven’t you?”

Why does he want to be with other girls?

Because you’re ALL special and unique.

He loves his current partner of course, but he also loves the other girls he’s meeting. He wishes he could just go back to how it was before.

Now he feels trapped.

Says the way I’m living makes sense to him.

He would probably leave, except for the children.

He doesn’t know what to do.

Maybe this describes you too?

If so I can help you..

I hope you’ll reach out to speak with me.

How about you? Are you living a life of quiet desperation, where you feel trapped and don’t know what to do about it, and if so, don’t you think it’s finally time to find your way to a better love life too?

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