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Have You Ever Hated Sex? (Part 2)

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Sexual anorexia?

It actually kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

Sexual and eating disorders?

They share a common theme.

Both of these challenges have to do with processing emotional wounding. Whether you are rejecting food or rejecting sex, you are trying to deal with things you can’t face.

The Pain of ‘Sexual Anorexics’ focuses on this issue.

It points out your likely ignorance.

Though you’re familiar with sexual addiction now?

Sexual anorexia?

Not so much.

This one is near and dear to my heart, because for years I was a sexual avoider. While my porn addiction was my sexual outlet, my fear of intimacy led me to push my partner away.

Sexual anorexia takes many forms.

But usually you are an “isolationist.”

You don’t allow anyone to get too close.

Fearing the pain of rejection is just too real.

Causes of sexual anorexia include “sexual abuse or body dysmorphia.” In my case as the author says, it stemmed from “a highly repressive religious upbringing.”

I hated sex.

First, because I was taught my sexuality was sinful.

My resultant inability to control myself?

It led to bondage and guilt and shame.

In my book 5 Keys To Successfully Beat Porn Addiction For Chistians, I tell many stories about how I succumbed to this obsession. How I was constantly hiding what I did from view.

And while I was busy indulging that?

I left my partner sexually starving.

I couldn’t bring myself to face genuine intimacy.

Sex was the enemy.

In my book trilogy Radical Christian Sexuality (Volumes 1, 2 and 3), I share how I overcame both my sexual addiction and my sexual anorexia. I share how I came to a healthy Biblical relationship to my sexuality.


I didn’t have to abandon my Christianity to do this.

I just had to take a closer look at the Bible.

See the things I had been taught just weren’t true.

How about you? Do you hate sex and struggle with sexual anorxia thinking there isn’t an answer, and If so will you reach out and let me share how you can be free too!

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