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Have You Been A Victim Of The Foodie Call?

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Of course you’ve heard of the booty call right?


While I can’t be sure?

This one might just be revenge for it.

Since at this moment I have not one but two articles in my inbox on this subject, I decided it was time to write something about it.

So what is the foodie call?

It is a tactic you girls use.

Though you go out with a guy?

You’re not even interested in him.

Why would you go out with a guy you don’t really like, and even do so over and over? It appears you see him as an easy touch, and a way to finance your dinner plans.

Think I’m wrong?

Think again.

Cool Girl was the first one.


Not to DO this.

But to TELL me about it.

When she was at work one day, a couple of the girls were discussing their dating experience. A particular girl was bragging about the way she uses guys, to pay her way for things.

If you check out the articles I linked above?

You’ll find girls think there’s nothing wrong with this.

Nothing exciting in the fridge tonight?

Just call up one of your orbiters!

So many of you girls ask me why chivalry is dead, but don’t you think you would be wise to pose that question to your sisters?

As I told you a long time ago?

Your bill has come due.

Guys with any brains now?

Their not gonna finance you.

If you are a guy and insist on dating (I don’t), you should make it a policy to keep it to cheap drinks or nothing.

If a girl is really interested?

Wants to get to know you?

She’ll gladly share a walk in the park.

She’ll even thank you for it.

So how about you? Have you been a victim of the foodie call too, or have you gotten wise and learned your lesson?

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