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Happy Birthday To My Brilliant Colibri

I met her on a Slavic dating site.

Today is her birthday.

Since I’m feeling a bit of reminiscence here?

I thought I’d write something.

The site we met on is a well known site in the Slavic dating world, known as Elena’s Models I happened across it when I was preparing to leave my long term relationship back in 2014.

She was quite a bit different than the rest.

An entrepreneur who was very successful.

When I messaged her, much to my pleasure?

She was in California visiting.

Though our time together didn’t work out, I’ve been able to stay in touch with her occasionally. After that initial California trip, she disappeared for quite a while on me.

But then suddenly a couple years later?

I saw her like some of my IG postings.

When I realized who it was?

I quickly messaged her again.

We got caught up and for a time she continued to appear to like the things I was sharing. Her own shares were largely about her two boys, and what she was getting up to with them.

This totally made sense.

She had just had her first when I met her.

At that time the handle she used online?

It was brilliantcolibri.

This was how I gave her the affectionate “nickname” I have for her: I call her Hummingbird. I even wrote her a song lyric titled this, which I shared when I went down to visit her.

Sadly after a little while though?

Just like the hummingbird she is?

She once again flitted away from me!

Her IG profile disappeared.

She was nowhere to be seen!

No matter what she’s up to now, I will forever have fond memories of the time we spent together. She will always be another precious love in the abundant love life God has brought me.

So wherever you are Humming Bird?

Just know that I love you.

No matter how far away you fly.

You are always here in my heart with me.

What about you? Do you have someone you hold in your heart no matter how far away they travel, and if you do will you let me know by sharing that with me?

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