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Guys Who Can Pick Up Girls Are Losers

It never ceases to amaze me how you introverted guys beat yourselves up about this whole dating thing.

You think you’re a loser because you go to the bars night after night with your Bad Boy friends.

Then you watch them go home with a girl on their arm while you leave with nobody.

Girl after girl falls all over herself to get with your Bad Boy buddies.

Even though they act like jerks and treat them like dirt?

The girls just lap it up.

You say to yourself “What’s the point in being a Nice Guy when all the girls want is guys who mistreat them?”

So you’re jealous of your Bad Boy friends and think you need to somehow become just like them.

Otherwise you’ll be forever alone.

And depressed.

And a loser.

I have news for you.

You’re not using your head here. You’re thinking like your Bad Boy friends, whose only claim to fame is they can get a girl into bed.

Like that is a major life skill you need on your resume!

Okay I’ll give it to you.

Your friends are good at what they do.

They get girls to go home with them and sleep with them.


Night after night after night.

But what you’ve really got to ask yourself is this:

What do YOU actually want?

When I ask you this, you guys normally tell me you’d like to find a good girl to have a relationship with.

Someone who will love you for who you are and who you can love for who she is too.

Am I right?

Of course I am!

Since that’s what you actually want?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your Bad Boy friends are actually getting?

Are they getting love or are they just getting sex?

I know this is a multiple choice quiz here but I’m pretty sure you can pick the correct answer if you really try.

That’s right!

They’re just getting sex.

Not love.

Not ever.

So despite the fact it bothers you they go home every night with a different girl, does it really make any sense to be jealous of them?

It does if you only want sex.

But you just told me you want a whole lot more than that…unless I misheard you.

You see you’ve been thinking of yourself as the loser, but it’s really your Bad Boy friends who are the losers here.

They are settling for an empty night of sex with a girl who is incapable of being anything more than that to them.

Do you think if you get with a girl who is willing to just go home and have sex with a random guy who picks her up in the bar, you’re really going to develop a meaningful relationship with her?

This one is a yes or no question.

Think hard now…

So the next time you find yourself tempted to get jealous of your Bad Boy friends, use your head!

Remember that you’re after something a lot more worthwhile than they are.

What you need to do is learn to find girls who have more substance like you do.

Girls who are worth getting jealous over.

That kind of girl will really value you for who you are. She’ll be glad you actually want to get to know her and not just “get in her pants.”

And I’ll give you a bonus tip.

She’s usually not hanging out in the bar every night either.

Which means you have to work a little harder to find her.

That’s exactly what I help introverted guys like you do.

I help you find the kind of girl you’re really looking for.

If you need help with this, hit me up for a Skype session or coffee!

What do you think guys? Isn’t it time to stop being jealous of your loser friends?

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