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Guys Are Predators Until Proven Innocent (Part 3)

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Guys Are Predators Until Proven Innocent

“So who are you going to Titanic with?” I asked.

“Not going as of now,” she responded.

“Changed your mind about it?” I said.

“Who are you?” she retorted.

And so it went as so often it does with you darlings. Her walls were up and her suspicions were high, because surely I must be some kind of predator.

How did this situation begin?

A post by this girl drifted across my Facebook feed.

A picture of her posing in a lovely pink dress.

The caption?

“I’m my own Valentine.”

As you’ve probably heard I do Valentine’s Day by myself, so this one gave me a bit of a chuckle. Though I don’t think this girl is poly like me, I do think that’s too bad because she’s definitely a cutie!

When I saw her post I glanced through her feed.

Saw another one collecting Titanic 25th Anniversary “date offers.”

“Doesn’t need to be romantic,” she wrote.

“That ship sank a long time ago.”

Love me a girl with a sense of humor!

So with the combination of her Valentine’s “feel” and her humor in this post, I thought to myself, “Nothing ventured…” So I hopped into Messenger to see what was up, hoping she’d be open to having some fun with me!

When she ask me who I was?

“What do you mean?” I responded.

“I have no idea who you are,” she said.

“Makes sense. We’ve never met lol,” I chuckled.

“I saw your Valentine’s post come across my feed, so I took a quick look at your feed and saw the one about Titanic. I’m an adventuresome guy, so I thought I’d check it out with you.”

After that?

Radio silence.

No sense of adventure at all.


I was hoping she might take a look at MY feed and try to figure out a bit about this “mystery suitor.” But I guess the sense of adventure and fun has long left the hearts of the girls of Vancouver!

But for me it was a fun moment nonetheless!

At least I “put myself out there.”

I can’t control anyone else’s openness of course.

But I will continue to hold MY heart open.

What do you think girls? If a random guy messaged you out of the blue like this would your first reaction be to see him as some sort of predator, or would you let yourself get curious instead and see where the moment might lead you?

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