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Give Yourself A Relationship Abundance Mindset

If you are like most people?

You have a relationship scarcity mindset.

What is that?

It means you think finding love is rare.

It is hard not to feel that way, when everybody keeps telling you that you have to find your “one and only.” If there is really only one person out there for you, how on earth are you going to find them?

But once you realize love isn’t rare?

Everything changes.

Suddenly love is all around you.

Trying to find YOU.

This is how I approach my life, when it comes to romantic love, and the girls I experience. I keep myself open to experiencing love with EVERY ONE of them.

Do they all open up to me?

Of course not.

But because my heart remains open?

I am able to embrace each girl as she is.

Receive what she is willing to share.

I don’t need to take anything from any girl, because I know the next girl is just as wonderful. If this girl isn’t interested in sharing intimacy with me, then maybe the next one will.

Because I see love this way?

I live in continual ABUNDANCE.

I can feel love all the time.

Right around the corner.

Waiting for me.

This is why I always laugh at you girls, with all your fussing. All your list making, and all your determination to make sure he’s everything you “need.”

I know love doesn’t work like that.

It is about being open to passion.

Love is not meant to be confined.

The only way to have it?

Set it free!

Because you can find love the next minute, with the next person you encounter? You don’t need to cling to it, but can just open up, and receive it when it appears.

Once you come to see love this way?

Once you have achieved a relationship abundance minset?

You’ll never be able to go back.

Never want to.

You’ll never see love as difficult again.

What do you think? Are you ready to take the plunge into this wide open ocean I’m calling you to, or will you let you heart wither and die, despitel this abundance all around?

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