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Girls Who Need To Lead Are A Total Turnoff

You’ve met her before haven’t you?

She’s a total boss lady.

Nothing wrong with that right?

Not until she gets bossy with you!

I really do feel sorry today for both you guys and you girls and all the confusion. Is your guy supposed to lead anymore? Or is he just supposed to follow you?

Now before you misunderstand me?

I’m not a guy who wants to dominate you.

I have no real need for a submissive girl.

An EQUAL partner will totally do.

I don’t mind being with a submissive girl because I’m completely capable of taking initiative but I also really value independence when I experience it in you.

But independence?

It’s not the same as dominance.

You girls who need to insist you’re independent?

You’re not any such thing.

When two partners are truly independent they just work things out between them naturally. Nobody is worrying who needs to follow or who needs to lead.

When a girl is truly independent?

I find that hugely attractive.

A girl who is so together in herself?

She’s just not uptight about anything.

But a girl who needs to declare to all the world how she’s got her act together? She’s the one who shows the world she’s not independent at all.

True leaders don’t need to lead.

And they don’t need to broadcast they’re doing so.

People just follow them naturally.

But in your romantic relationships?

There’s just no need.

When you truly love each other you just get together and enjoy the experience. It really doesn’t matter who does what because being together is the point.

I’d love to love you dominant girls too

But you’re too high strung to even let me.

So I have to leave you to yourselves.

Hope you come to your senses and learn to relax sometime.

How about it guys? Do you also find girls who need to dominate you a turnoff and do you find yourself wishing she would lighten up and just love you too?

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