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Girls Should Date Other Girls

In a recent blog post?

I responded to the charge that I’m judgmental.

This stemmed from a Facebook commenter.

She thought I’m just too tough on you girls.

Last time I checked though I was pretty sure that it is GUYS you are interested in dating. If you want to have the love of a guy in your life you’ll need to get used to how we roll won’t you?

As Allison Armstrong often says?

“Guys are not HAIRY women.”

If what you want is really a girl?

You should just go bat for the other team then!

Of course I really get it that there are some things your sisters are definitely better at. When you want to be coddled and comforted, there is nothing like another girl to do that for you.

The need you have for a guy in your life?

It is totally different.


Sometimes we come off harsh.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about you.

Most guys will go to bat for you in a minute and rise up to defend you. Hurt a girl I love in my life and there will be hell to pay you can count on it.

Part of what makes a guy like this?

It is his natural INSENSITIVITY.

If someone is going to stand up and fight for you?

He can’t be all weepy and wimpy.


I’m not talking toxic masculinity.

What I’m talking about right now is a central purpose of this blog site. I’m here to be authentically MALE with you so you can get some insight into how we view you.

How with think.

How we feel.

And yes…how we really LOVE you.

Can’t handle what you encounter here?

You really SHOULD go date other girls then.

You’re still here? I’m really glad because that means there just might be a chance you can make it with a guy after all!

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