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Girls Just Wanna Be Lied To (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Girls Just Wanna Be Lied To

“What are you thinking?” she asks you with a smile.

But you know better.

If she really knew what you’re thinking right now?

She would be disgusted with you.

Today’s example comes from an article in the New York Post about a Twitter comment. It seems a male reporter from Belgium got his fellow female reporters uptight.

What was his crime this time?

He had the gaul to notice something.

It seems a female reporter from Argentina?

She was showing off a bit “too much.”

Of course given the heat in South America, it’s not surprising she was going braless. But even if he was thinking what he was, he should have known better than to say it out loud.

They accused him of objectying her of course.

But he pushed back.

“Objectifying, really?”

“Don’t draw the feminist card on this one.”

“She knows exactly what she’s wearing – or not wearing – and why.”

Just like I told you in my blog post There Is No Such Thing As Sexual Harassment, you girls cannot have it both ways. If you dress in a manner that is sexually arousing, you can’t complain if a guy enjoys your doing so.

“So it’s her fault because you can’t stop looking?”

His interlocutors were having none of it.

But he pushed back again.

“If I were to interview a female athlete with my balls out?”

“You’d be joking about it too.”

“What’s she meant to do, wear a potato sack so you don’t get excited? If I take a picture of you at work, post it and comment on how small your d–k looks in a pair of shorts, would you be alright with that?”

I actually agree with the girls on this.

He never should have posted the picture or commented.

But what I totally disagree with them on?

That he is in anyway wrong to THINK what he did.

Guys are potent sexual beings, and the sooner you girls begin to celebrate this the better. Though a guy should not sexually assault you at all, he is ALWAYS going to objectify you.

But despite your desire to know him?

You really want him to lie to you.

If you can’t handle a guy saying what this guy said?

Your guy will never be able to share his true self with you.

What do you say girls? Is it time to truly accept guys for who they are and start to celebrate them, or are you going to continue to force them to bite their tongue instead of sharing who they truly are with you?

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