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Girls Aren’t Goddesses So Quit Worshiping Them (Part 2)

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In a private post from a Facebook friend?

This whole goddess thing raised it’s head again.

Though couched in “spiritual woman” lingo the PR was so strong?

I felt like dubbing it Disney Fantasy 3.0.

As a guy, what you were being sold this time was the “enchanting vibes” this girl allegedly brings with her. The claim is that all sorts of us are chasing her, hoping we “are capable of handling the caliber of her essence.”

Then the usual pitch began.

How you’ve got to prove yourself “worthy” of her.

How you should really ask yourself this question:

Are you sure you can HANDLE her?

Whenever a girl thinks I need to be capable of handling her, I take a firm pass on that one. I don’t want a girl who thinks I need to handle her, any more than I think a girl should have to handle me.

She needs “her space.”

She has “authoritative ways.”

You need to be okay with her “spiritual devotion.”

That she “manages her reality off vibration.”

That she’s not impressed by all your “things.”

Apparently with this one you need to lose your “macho ego” and “…allow her to be the boss and lead the way.” Oh, and if you’re not already intellectual, you better “take up studies to appease her sapiosexual tendencies.”

If you’re not willing to “commit every bit of effort?”

You won’t be “committed” enough for her.

She is as “difficult as she is beautiful.”

She is “strong and she’ll expect the same from you.”

“For the men who dare to venture into this territory, be and stay ready. She’s not for the faint of heart. Her ways are her own and she makes no apologies.”

But after all these warnings?

What are you supposed to believe about her?

“If and when you finally make her fall in love?”

“There’s nothing she won’t do to make YOU happy.”

Really? Because honestly girls with all the press you just gave us, that’s very unconvincing. Everything you’ve told us about this “spiritual woman” just tells us to steer clear.

Romantic love is not about YOUR value.

It’s about valuing your partner.

It’s not about expecting anything from them.

It’s about being grateful for him or her.

Thankful for whatever you share between the two of you.

What do you think guys? Are you tempted from what you’ve read here to go out and find yourself a “spiritual woman,” or do you think you’d be better off to give this latest version of Disney Fantasy a pass too?

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