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Girls Aren’t Goddesses So Quit Worshiping Them

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You’re not responsible for your girlfriend’s insecurities.

She probably has them.

Most girls do.

I’ve noticed a trend out there that more and more girls are using to try to bolster their self esteem.

Maybe your girl has done this too?

She refers to herself as a goddess and thinks you should too.

You should realize how lucky you are to exist within her orbit.

And fall at her feet in worship.

Recognize the divine feminine within her.

Don’t buy it.

That’s just her trying to reassure herself she has worth and value. Because she really doesn’t feel she does.

She is working emotional wounding that needs healing from within.

But she’s trying to find it from without.

From you.

If you find yourself tempted to treat her as divine, let the buyer beware.

That just indicates you’ve got your own emotional wounds in play.

When you feel needy and lost without a girl, you haven’t really found yourself yet either.

Because the reason to be with a girl is not because you need to be.

It’s because you want to be.

You can only truly want to be with a girl when you would be just fine without her.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love her.

You should love her very much.

But treat her like a goddess?

I think not.

I’ve made it very clear time and time again I think romantic love is your purpose.

But the reason to be with your partner is because you value her for who she really is. And she is not a goddess.

You should love your partner as your equal.

And she should love you as her equal too.

Not because she’s using you to boost her tattered self worth.

Be with her because you both desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that is mutually shared and enjoyed.

That’s what romantic love is.

Worshippers need not apply.

This may sound counter intuitive to you. How could you really love a girl if you don’t really need her?

If you don’t want to make her your everything?

Please hear me.

If you give her what she wants you’ll hurt her.

You’ll hurt yourself as well.

You will set up a dynamic in your relationship that will ultimately be the demise of your love.

Because she is not a goddess and you are not her subject.

If you feel like she is, you need healing, not a relationship.

I know this because I felt just like you do too.

I was desparate for a girl’s love in my life and nearly sold myself out to get it.

But that was a big mistake.

She would not have ended up loving me.

Neediness repels a girl in the long run. Whether you mean it to or not.

If you are in this state of neediness right now I can help you.

Because I’ve done the inner work.

I know how to guide you through these awful emotions, so you get to the other side.

To the place where you finally feel complete and can give your love without taking.

I feel for you.

It’s brutal feeling so alone. But you can be free of this nagging emptiness that feels like nothing but a girl will fill it.

I can help you get there.

Don’t wait any longer.

Reach out to me and let’s begin your journey of healing.

What do you say? Is it time you stop worshipping girls?

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