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Girls Are Out To Eliminate You!

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I’m not talking feminism.

Though that is certainly a related topic.

If those girls all get their way?

You will be eliminated for good!

What I’m talking about today however. is the girls that actually LIKE guys. The way they approach the dating game is completely different than you.

As a guy?

When you date ?

It’s because you think she’s attractive.

You want to get to know her.

To see if she’s cool.

The last thing on your mind when you’re meeting with her is, “How do I eliminate her? How do I make sure I don’t get stuck with the wrong one?”

In contrast to you?

This is exactly what she’s thinking.

She doesn’t want to just hang out with you.

She has an agenda from the start.

There are CRITERIA you must meet to be with her.

Girls experience attraction from so many guys, they can have their pick of you. Even much less attractive girls get hit on all the time.

If a girl took her time with you?

She would be afraid she was “wheel spinning.”

Her biological clock is ticking after all.

She needs to know if you QUALIFY.

Because girls face this constant barrage of potential partners? Unlike you? She’s lookiing for a reason to ELIMINATE you.

Silently she’s reviewing her list.

Identify the boxes you’re checking off.

She might accept a miss or two.

Many more than that though?

You’re a GONER!

This is why I told you dating will always be completely unnatural. Until the girls finally give up on monogamy and embrace Romantic Friendships, you’ll always face this elimination game they are playing.

So what do you do then?

Not much you can!

Just keep working the numbers.

You’re only looking for the few exceptions.

Believe me they’re out there!

You just have to keep looking!

What do you think? Am I right or am I right that every girl you date is trying to eliminate you from her prospects, and now that you realize this is the case, will you just keep going until you find “her?”

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