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Girls Are Just Clamoring At My Door To Get To Know Me

Recently I’m writing again.

Working on my latest book on relationships.

I’ve written one for you girls.

Now I’m writing one for you guys too.

The book I’m working on currently has the working title How To Be A Nice Guy And Still Get The Girl. It is about how you don’t have to change yourself, to meet a sweet girl who will love you for who you are.

But because I’m a Nice Guy myself?

I know a lot about how this type of guy operates.

I know that as an introverted guy?

You tend to hibernate way too much.

What you’re hoping is that somehow or other, girls are going to just come knocking on your door to get to know you. What I tell you in the book is this hope is not likely to pan out.

You need to move outside your place.

Out where the girls are.

You need to get in range of them.

Learn to open up your mouth

I was completely convinced the things I was writing were true, and that I was giving you the best advice I could. But after this evening I’m not so sure whether I’ll need to change my mind.

As I was watching a show?

Suddenly I heard a strange clamoring at my doorway.

Someone was trying to get into my place.

I quickly headed to the door to look

As I peeped out through the peep hole, you won’t believe what greeted me. I kid you not. A really cute girl had been trying to get in!

Okay not quite.

After checking her phone?

She headed to the elevators.

But I still see this as an omen.

My love life is clearly about to change!

In my book I tell you if you ever figure out how to get girls to show up at your door without you doing anything, you need to be sure to let me know how you pulled that off.

Apparently I’m onto something here!

Now I just need to figure out how I did it.

Once I do I’ll let you know.

I’m sure you’ll want to get this working for you too!

How about it guys? Do you think you can match the success I’m having with meeting girls now, or do you think it’s just because I’m special this girl was trying to break my door down so she could be with me?

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