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Get Nervous If She’s Already Into You

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If I encounter a girl and she’s into me immediately?

That’s when I get nervous.


She doesn’t even know me.

She just shouldn’t be into me yet.

Of course, because I understand attraction, I definitely know why this happens. But any girl I’m going to really be into myself, has to be able to take her time.

What I want more than anything?

It’s to really come to know HER.

The more I really know a girl?

The more into her I am.

I’ve told you before that guys fall in love much easier than you girls do. The reason for this is because, good guys take their time to get to know you first.

Too often though?

You girls are chasing fantasies.

You’re looking for that “chemistry.”

You want him to “sweep you off your feet.”

Because of how my attraction works, of course I can easily get into you for your body. If you’ve got all the right stuff that way, naturally you’re going to blow my mind.

But remember what you always say?

That’s completely superficial.

Well so is seeking chemistry.

That’s just your biology fooling you as well.

Your biggest problem in finding real love, is you are looking for someone who’s ALREADY into you. You’re looking for someone you find yourself already into right away as well.

You need to learn to quit that.

Instead, it needs to make you nervous.

You should see it as the big red flag it is.

One that shouts to you…


Get off the dopamine chase and start going for the cooler feelings. The ones that grow on you gradually, the more this person reveals his or her self.

How I know I’m getting there?

Even when she’s not “hot,” she still does it for me.

Something about her sweet personality?

It’s just wraps itself around my heart.

How about you? Have you been burned enough times now with this whole “She’s hot” or “He’s a stud” thing, and are you ready to slow things down and let that “average” person grow on you?

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