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Finding Love Is Like Voting In The Canadian Election

Today is Canadian election day. 

It looked like it would be pretty simple.

The prior week when I checked my voting card?

I saw the voting place was real close to me.

Since I live in Vancouver and enjoy a walking lifestyle that closeness was pretty important. Especially when voting day arrived today along with a torrential rain!

“No problem” I thought.

“Just a nice three block walk and I’m golden.”

One nice three block walk later though?

It knew it was about to become a very different day.

“Sorry sir. This location was good for you but only for advanced voting. The other address on the card is where you need to go today.”

Problem was?

I had no awareness of that location.

So began my trek through the rain.

I was determined to make good on this thing!

I started by walking back four blocks to catch a bus across the Granville Street bridge. But as I waited I checked maps on my phone and it appeared it should be this side of the bridge.

Problem was?

I was standing right before the bridge.

No sign of this voting place.


That must mean it’s somewhere under the bridge!

If you’ve wandered below Granville Street bridge at all you’ll remember it’s quite a nightmare. Right now there is tons of construction because two new buildings are going up.

Problem was?

I’m nothing if not a game.

I wandered my way under the bridge.

Then after a lot of meandering I found the place.

As the girl at the entrance was processing my voters card I told her my story. Then she looked at me sheepishly and said she had some bad news.

Problem was?

“You’re still not at the right place sir.”

I said, “Isn’t this 1661 Granville Street?”

She said, “No. It’s farther down toward the water yet.”

Off I went soaking wet and cast my vote finally.

The funny thing about all this is I vote quite conservative and live in Liberal Vancouver. The probability my candidate is going to be elected is next to nil.

If I can be this dedicated to vote?

Especially for a candidate whose victory I’m not expecting?

How should you be voting for your love life?

Shouldn’t you be just as dedicated to YOU?

What do you think? Are you willing to put in as much effort as I did here to find someone you really connect with or are you going to give up every time somebody tells you you’re in the wrong place? 

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