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Face It You’re Never Going To Fix Him!

She was a cute 20 something.

Yet another Asian girl.

And true to form?

Another “Daddy fixer upper.”

What I mean by this is like so many of you girls, her relationship life had been one emotionally unavailable guy after another.

You do know this right?

Why those guys lure you in?

They feel just like your daddy.

You know?

The one that didn’t love you?

According to Attachment Theory you aren’t really looking for a romantic partner. You’re trying to heal what your daddy has done to you.

This girl was different though.

She actually recognized her pattern.

“I’m always trying to heal that little bird.”

When she said this I thought,

“You’re a rare bird yourself darling!’

In my book How To Be The Coolest Girl In His Life, I offer help to girls who suffer from “Emotionally Unavailable Guy Syndrome.”

There is a lot to the cure of course.

That’s why it’s a book.

The first step though?

It is this girl’s revelation.

You have to come to realize the problem isn’t him. It’s you. It is not this guy or that guy, it is the TYPE of guy you keep picking.

The reason you do?

Your emotional wounds.


You’re drawn to your Daddy’s energy signature.

When you meet a guy who is not really capable of loving you, those wounds inside you say, “Maybe this time I can fix him!”

What you need to see?

You need to fix YOU.

Only he can fix him.

Leave him to it!

Need some HELP? Reach out to me!

What do you say? Are you tired of being heart broken over and over again because you just can’t seem to get any of these guys to love you, and isn’t it time you reach out for some help so you can finally work on the core of the problem.

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