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Exciting Dates Aren’t The Point? What A Concept!

I was amused to read a Facbeook post today.

It was written by Matthew Hussey.

Hussey if you are not aware?

He coaches girls on how to “get the guy.”

Hussey seemed to be doing a little bit of damage control on this one. He was talking to the girls he coaches about their dating priorities.

What you girls seem to do?

You use excitement as an evaluation criteria.

“What did you guys do?”

“Where did he take you?”

Hussey says it is as if the “point of the date is to prove that you can enjoy doing really…exciting things together.” He expresses how “those butterlies in your stomach” have nothing to do with the guy you’re experiencing it with.

Though you have an “exicting date?”

What exactly “does it prove” to you?

Hussey says “the point of dating?”

It’s whether or not real life will work for the two of you.

Then he lists a whole bunch of the boring things you’ll actually be doing if you’re a couple. Things like “reading on the sofa,” or “walking to coffee,” or going “out for a new pair of sneakers” and “grocery shopping.”

The question isn’t can you do excitement?

The question is can you do contentment?

It’s not whether this person can pull off an exciting date.

It’s whether this person HIMSELF excites you.

This is why I keep telling you that “dating” in not important. What you want to do is focus on getting to know the actual person you’re with.

Sadly after so much good?

Hussey still points you in the wrong direction.

He starts to market a product about attraction.

Wouldn’t want to pass on the chance to sell you!

I’ve told you long ago, you need to get off the attraction dopamine highway. Instead, what I advise you to do is slow down and take your time.

Do LOTS of ordinary things together.

Be sure not to be on your best behavior.

If you come to love each other “warts and all?”

You’ll have a fighting chance to survive!

What do you think girls? Is the key to a successful dating life how well a guy entertains you, or are you better off doing boring things to make sure your love can stand the test of time?

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