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Every Time You Are With Your Partner Is A Gift

The way I do my love life?

I don’t see my partners every day.

We get together on average weekly.

We don’t live together.

Don’t make our lives all about each other.

Though we love each other?

We maintain our independence.

Why would we deliberately choose to do things this way, when it flies in the face of all your normal expectations? How can we claim this is true love at all, when it comes packaged so differently?

What my partners and I know?

Those expectations of yours?

They are what is messing up your happiness.

Getting your attention off your love.

Putting it onto things that don’t matter.

Anytime you say to yourself, “I sure hope things work out THIS way,” you are setting yourself up for disappointment, and putting unfair pressure on your partner to fail.

Your partner exists to live THEIR life.

Though they love you?

You will always be an appendage.

A very worthwhile appendage that they truly desire.

But they do so because they don’t HAVE TO.

Never because it is a REQUIREMENT.

If being with you becomes any sort of obligation, you have lost the essence of what true love is. Love is not something you can expect or require or grasp. Your partner’s love is inherently a gift to you.

Every time they are with you again?

It is only because they WANT to.

If one time they don’t want to be with you that day?

That’s okay too!

Since you love each other, you still are grateful anyway.

Being grateful you have your partner in your life, stems from the fact you truly value them. It is such a privilege they share themselves with you at all, it is not something to be taken for granted.

If you value them like this?

Why wouldn’t you want to see them more?

It’s because you know love is a fragile flower.

Love is in the desiring.

Never in the having.

So you protect your love.

You don’t let it become common.

This is the essence of Romantic Friendships, and why they make the most sense for your love life. They let you enjoy real romantic love, without either of you losing your independence.

If you love your partner?

You’ll always want to protect them!

You’ll let absence make your heart grow fonder.

You will never cease to thank them again.

Each time they honor you with the gift of their presence.

How about you? Do you value the love your partner has for you, enough to receive their gift with thanks and not grasp it, or do you still need to learn this central principal of love, that only by loving with an open hand is your partner “yours” ever?

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