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Every Girl Is Just A Different Degree Of Crazy!

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This statement was uttered by a friend of mine.

We were sitting and talking about our relationships.

We both agreed our girls were a pretty good catch.

But he made this assessment nonetheless.

Of course when you girls hear a guy say something like this your immediate response is negative. You do not like this label despite the fact so many of you do live up to it!


“Did he actually just say that?”

Why yes I did.

The question is why do you have a problem with it?

Of course the reason you have a problem is you think it is an inaccurate assessment. You think it is a terrible thing that guys see most girls to be like this.

But ask yourself if you ever use this phrase:

“Most guys are emotionally unavailable.”

And why don’t you have any problem with that?

Because you ALSO consider it an accurate description right?

The fact is both of these statements are completely true. Most girls are more or less crazy and most guys are more or less insensitive and emotionally stunted.

Rather than deny this what should both of you do?

Work on yourselves to improve your part in it.

As a girl you should learn to curb your irrational emotions.

As a guy you should work on becoming more emotionally open as well.

What we’re discussing here is nothing new and is just one more aspect of the Battle Of The Sexes. You both have your weaknesses and strengths and romantic love happens when you focus on the positive.

You girls bring a rich emotional life to the plate.

You guys bring rationality and consistency.

If you capitalize on your positives and work on your negatives?

You’ll find yourselves enjoying a rich love life!

So the next time you hear your guy call you crazy just smile at him and say, “You’re welcome!” If you weren’t more or less crazy then he wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the emotions of love you bring along with you.

And don’t forget Mr Insensitivity too.

Doesn’t he make your life feel much more stable?

The more you both become the best of you?

The easier and simpler your love life will be.

What do you think? Is it really helpful to deny your weaknesses and get uptight when somebody points them out to you or are you better to acknowledge this and get working on yourself instead?

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