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Every Girl Is Just A Different Degree Of Crazy! (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Every Girl Is Just A Different Degree Of Crazy!

So I’ve recently met up with a new girl.

I find her completely wonderful.

She’s a lovely combination of feisty and sweet.

Just the way I like them!

But the more I get to know her, the more I find myself affirming the original proposition. Despite the fact you girls are so delightful I could gobble you up? Every one of you is indeed crazy to a different degree!

This particular girl?

Her mind never turns off.

She is always digging and digging.

Gotta find the answers to everything.

Of course meeting up with me is really bringing this crazy out in her, because I’m a guy who is so analytical. I don’t suffer fools gladly of course, but I also know when I don’t really know something.

But this sweet girl?

She’s a girl on a quest.

The classic quest.

The quest for certainty!

She and I both share a somewhat unique brand of Christianity, but her zealousness is a passion about it all, I have long since left behind me.

Unlike this sweetheart of mine?

I don’t chase anyone with truth.

What I’ve learned?

You’re not open until you’re already asking questions yourself.

Right now this latest love of mine is in that very unique place. The one where she’s starting to realize that no matter how much you beat your head against people’s thought walls, they still remain resistant.

But because of her passion?

Her love for the people she meets?

She can’t quite yet follow Jesus’ admonition.

His recommended method of handling “rejection.”

When Jesus told his disciples to take his message to the world, he did not tell them to beat people over the head with it. If they went somewhere people were not ready to hear, he said to “shake the dust off your feet and go find someone else who will listen.”

That right there is excellent advice.

Advice I fully expect my new sweetheart will end up embracing eventually.

But until then I’ll just enjoy the show!

And love her for her own brand of crazy!

How about you? Have you come to terms with it yet that you’ll never find a girl who is perfectly stable, and can you just accept this fact and enjoy her for all the emotion she brings to the table?

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