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Every Girl Is Just A Different Degree Of Crazy! (Part 2)

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Why did he say this?

Because we were swapping stories.


About you girls naturally.

There isn’t a guy on the planet who doesn’t get this general impression. It’s not about how crazy you are but more about how little you’re NOT crazy actually.

Sorry girls!

I’m not here to lie to you.

This is exactly how guys think about you.

Doesn’t mean we don’t love you though.

It just means we put up with you anyway!

Before you get all worked up about this, can you honestly say you don’t do this too? When you get together with your girlfriends isn’t what you talk about always guys also?

How you don’t understand them.

And you never will?

How they are so INSENSITIVE?

How they always ignore all your NEEDS.

It’s something like that isn’t it?

As I’ve said before, I’m not the guy who created the battle of the sexes. I’m more like the reporter who heads to the front lines, to let you know what’s happening.

Just this morning?

I was on a guys’ group I frequent.

They were talking about breakups.

How do you get over it?

How do you move on?

I really threw one guy for a loop, when he suggested deleting her number and removing her from your social media. I told him I regretted deleting a text thread from an ex, because of the fond memories I wish I could review from it.

“Fond memories?”


“You’re torturing yourself buddy.”

“Not at all” I said.

“I still love her.”

“I still love the girl who just left me a month ago also!”

He said, “Kel. You are in love with two people?” and I said, “Not just two. I love ALL of them! He replied, “They’re not thinking of you right now…so why not just move on?”

The coach who runs the group?

He knew better of course.

“That’s not how Kel rolls.”

I reacted with a laugh emoji.

I told the first guy, “One girl I love?”

“She’s broken up with me a couple times now!”

“I even made a pitch last year for another ex to come back with me!”

“They’re each their own kind of crazy!” I said.

“But I love them just the same!”

And that, dear girls, is how it is. We love you even though we don’t understand you. And hopefully you can find your way to loving us this way too.

This is how it IS.

How it ALWAYS will be.

We’re both wired so differently.

We’ll never see things the same way.

So quit trying to!

This is why I opt for Romantic Friendships now. They reduce the collatoral damage.

What do they get you focused on instead?

What you share in common.

And as far all that craziness and insensitivity goes?

They also help you keep that to a minimum!

What do you think? Are you still hoping your partner will stop being crazy or so insensitive or is it time to just get focused on loving them?

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