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Enjoy Love Without Losing Your Independence

If you are like many people?

You need your space.

Being in a relationship can often seem suffocating.

Even so?

You still desire love.

You were made for it actually.

So what is the answer to this conundrum of yours and how do you effectively square this circle? You want to enjoy the warmth of a loving romantic connection without giving away the farm.

Enter Romantic Friendships.

What’s that you say?


I’m not talking about friends with benefits.

I’m talking about real friendships.

And genuine romantic connection with each of your partners too.

Before you shut down and assume I’m out of my mind take a minute to do a little thought experiment. If you do I think you’ll see what I’m talking about is not as “out there” as it first seems.

You love each of your friends now right?

Do you have any problem loving ALL of them?

If one of your friends said, “How can you have other friends too?”

Wouldn’t you look at them like they’ve lost their mind?

Nothing is more natural in your day to day life than to have lots of wonderful connections. Is it really such a stretch to see yourself expanding many of those to include romantic love?

The only reason you think you can’t?

You’ve been TOLD you can’t forever.

“That’s not the way it’s done!”

“Romance is about your soulmate.”

“It simply is not about friendship!”

But as you have recognized, that traditional model requires you to give up your independence. It requires your life to become totally enmeshed with this “soulmate” you think you’ve found.

Yet look around and what do you see?

Relationship after relationship is ending.

People are unhappy in love.

No matter what you were told?

The dream just isn’t coming true!

I’m sure you’ve heard there was a time as well when everybody thought the earth was the center of the solar system. Oh and yes the world was flat and sitting on an elephant’s back!


The truth is you love lots of people all the time.

So relax.

Go ahead and share yourself with them.

You don’t need to get married or move in together.

You don’t need to find “the one.”

Just share real romantic love with who you’re already loving now anyway!

What do you say? Are you ready to ignore all the flat earth naysayers and take the plunge into the Romantic Friendships revolution now?

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