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Emotional Unavailability Is Not Just A Guy Thing

I work with girls who struggle with emotionally unavailable guys.

You girls know the drill.

You end up in relationship after relationship like this right?

Where he never really connects with you in any meaningful way?

I bet you feel alone, even though you’re sleeping in the same bed don’t you?

You may be saying, “So Kel, what makes you as a guy qualified to help me with this challenge?”

Well you see, I was one of these guys.

I couldn’t connect, and I couldn’t figure out what to do about it.

Finally, when my partner was ready to leave, that was my wake up call.

I figured myself out.

So now I can help you figure this out too.

I can help you understand this dynamic.

You don’t need to keep playing this thing, over and over and over.

This pattern is not just a guy thing though. Girls can be emotionally unavailable too.

Maybe some of you guys have dated girls like this?

Or you’re in a relationship with her right now?

Just when you’re thinking you’re close to connecting?

She pulls pull back again.

Maybe the sex is great.

But you feel like something is still not quite right?

Often this isn’t a big problem for you guys, because most of you areĀ naturally sexually addicted.

As long as a girl puts out?

It doesn’t matter to you much what else she does.

You don’t feel a need to be emotionally close to her.

As long as the physical is going strong?

That’s all you feel you’re needing.

Of course, only caring about the physical part of your relationship, probably means you’re emotionally unavailable also.

Friends with benefits relationships?

They’re predicated on AVOIDING emotional connection.

That may work for you.

But I would still recommend you think about it.

Why is that satisfying to you?

Could you be missing out on something much deeper?

But I know a lot of you guys, especially introverted guys, really want more than just a physical relationship.

You want a girl who is there for you in every way.

You want someone who shares her heart with you.

Not just her body.

Someone you truly value.

Someone who makes you want to share yourself with her.

In other words, you want real connection.

No, this really isn’t just a guy thing. If you’re experiencing emotionally disconnected behavior from a girl you love, you’re not at all alone.

Lots of guys struggle with these kinds of girls too.

They get friend zoned by them all the time.

Sound familiar?

You’re not crazy!

This happens to guys too!

There are so many dynamics at play with the whole emotionally unavailable pattern.

That’s why I provide one on one consulting.

Are you a guy or girl who is stuck?

Caught in a relationship like this?

Do you end up in this place, over and over in your dating life?

Are you at your wits end?

Losing hope you can ever find love?

There is hope! I changed. So I know emotionally unavailable people can!

I’ve studied this pattern, and I know what makes them tick!

You don’t have to struggle.

You can have the love you’re really hoping for.

Don’t keep trying to go it alone – Hit me up for a free consultation.

What about you? Any stories to share about your own challenges in this area?

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