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Don’t Waste Your Life Trying To Impress Girls

I was reading some advice for guys today.

About how to get the girl you’re seeking.

How do you attract her?

According to this coach?

Become like the thing you want.

If you’re a dead beat who is out of shape, and really going nowhere? Why would you think a really great girl would want to be with you?

What if a girl doesn’t have her act together?

She is immature?

Makes no money?

She is untrustworthy?

Just lives for the next weekend?

Can you honestly say to yourself you would want a girl like that? Don’t you want to enjoy a connection with a girl, who is making something of her life?

Mature and honest and trustworthy?

Okay maybe.

Otherwise I’m in disagreement.

Who cares what she makes?

Where she is going in life?

None of this matters to me.

If it matters to her that I’M like that?

She is just being superficial.

What I want is a girl who enjoys spending time together, experiencing REAL connection. She wants to share the deepest part of herself, and wants to make love because she desires me.

In other words?

She loves me.

REALLY loves me.

She isn’t in love with my achievements.

When real love is in your life?

The rest of that just falls away.

Don’t waste your time trying to achieve, or become the ultimate guy for her. Life is too short, so focus instead on expressing your desire for her, and see where that leads you.

Nothing matters more.

It is all about romantic connection.

Once you come to see this?

Your life will never be the same.

Making money is just a necessary evil.

Striving for achievement?

That’s just an endless distraction.

Everyone else is chasing wind, trying to find or become the perfect partner. Focus on what is really worthwhile, and you will find fulfillment without that.

Sound crazy?

Give it a try!

Go out and start some Romantic Friendships!

Find some girls who share your desire!

You don’t need to be the ultimate ANYTHING ,to connect with them.

What do you think? Is love really only on the other side of achieving self mastery, or could it be as close as just saying “I think you’re gorgeous” to her?

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