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Don’t Live Together If You Want To Enjoy Sex

“Unmarried couples living apart together.”


Kind of sounds like Romantic Friendships yes?

According to a recent study?

These folks are the MOST sexually satisfied.

In an article called Does Marriage Really Improve Sexual Satisfaction?, author Elyakim Kislvev answers with a resounding negative. Responses from 3207 people asked in the recent study say it isn’t so.

The study broke people into groups.

Those who were married.

Those who never married.

Those who married but ended up divorced or separated.

The latter two groups broke out further.

Into “single, living apart together and cohabitating.”

The study looked at “sexual self-esteem, sexual communication, and sexual frequency.” It used these as “predictors of sexual satisfaction” across the various groups.

What did it find?

Married people were the “LEAST sexually satisified.”

Not only that?

In terms of sexual self-esteem and communication?

They reported the LOWEST rate of all.

It contrast to everyone else, who is the group that shows the “HIGHEST levels of sexual satisfaction?” It turns out to be the group that consists of “unmarried couples living apart.”

Even though singles are the least sexually satisfied?

This is only due to lack of sexual frequency.

Even they have higher sexual self-esteem.

And higher sexual communication skills, than married people do.

What explains the way this all plays out, is that the key thing is having a sexual partner. That has absolutely nothing to do with living together, since living together is just a personal choice.

What the author even suggests?

Couples may get married due to sexual INSECURITY.

Lacking sexual skills more than other groups?

They marry to try to address this.

So it seems Romantic Friendships gets high points on the scale of sexual fulfillment. This shouldn’t really surprise you, if you have been reading what I say here for a while.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Desiring sexual fulfillment AND emotional connection?

Valuing and sharing this with your partner and nothing else?

These are the things that make for a HAPPY relationship.

So what about you? Do you still think the best thing you can do is find someone to marry you, so you can have a happy love life, or are you starting to realize you can actually be happier finding partners who live alone just like you?

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