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Don’t Let The Cares Of This Life Kill Your Love

Sometimes what I feel happens?

I’m given a microcosm of relationship experiences.

Without going through the actual thing?

I still get to feel how YOU feel.

As an example, two years ago now I experienced what it’s like to have somebody leave you for someone else in a breakup. It turned out that was not what was really happening, but while I believed it was it was like it actually was for me.

While I thought that was truly happening?

I got to experience all those emotions.

I wrote a lot of valuable blog posts at that time.

Working through those emotions as I felt them.

Something similar is happening right now, with regard to the impact life can have on your relationships. I had an amazing emotional connection forming with a girl two weeks ago, and this week it is totally GONE.

How did things change so fast?

She spent last week struggling with migraines.

When she came out the other side?

Her emotions for me appeared to have flown.

In our case of course this is not the end of the world, as we were only starting to get to know each other. But I do find myself facing similar emotions that I would have, had we known each other for a long long time already.

Lots of relationships face this kind of thing.

The death of a child.

A debilitating health condition.

Once such waves of life beat on your emotional shores?

It is very hard to remain in love with each other.

So what do you do if this happens to you, and how do you get back to where you started? You both have to commit yourself to working at restoring the feeling of romantic love.

Spend lots of time again.

Have intimate conversations.

Do the things that lovers do.

And of course…make love!

To tell you the truth since my relationship with this girl is still so new, I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to salvage it. But I can definitely see how being married would exacerbate what’s gone on here.

Right now what I’m experiencing though?

It’s the value of Romantic Friendships.

By not tying myself into one other person like that?

I’m also not BURIED if something goes wrong like this.

Yes I know that sounds very pragamatic of me, but sometimes you just have to face this. When you put all your romantic eggs in one person’s basket like that? If they break up, your love could totally be done with.

While romantic love is the most important thing?

It is also very fragile.

If it ends up I can’t restore things here?

It hasn’t ruined my life and I can just move on from this.

What do you think? Is it terribly cold of me to say that sometimes you just have to cut your losses, or do you think something drastic like this should be fixed no matter what the cost?

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