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Don’t Let Her Lead…But Don’t You Lead Either (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Don't Let Her Lead...But Don't You Lead Either

I finally figured something out.

Now I see it?

It’s really obvious.

When a guy seeks to be your equal?

You girls misinterpret him as not wanting to LEAD.

I’ve told you before that one of your natural attraction triggers is when a guy is willing to take the initiative. You find it attractive when he makes things happen with you.

When a guy like me comes along?

I totally confuse you.

When I seek to give you equal input in the relationship?

You think I’m trying to put you in charge of things.

She and I had a nice seawall walk, and she shared with me her frustations. Her mom had raised her a bra burning feminist, but now she was just plain tired.

“I don’t want to lead anymore.”

“I just want a guy who will take care of things.”

“If a guy won’t do that now?”

“It’s a huge turn off for me.”

I probably should have left it at that, but this was early on in my “dating” naivety. When it came time for our next get together, I made the fatal mistake.

“Why don’t you pick a venue near you?” I said.

“You came my way, this time I’ll come your way.”


You should have heard the backlash!

“Why are you asking me to plan YOUR date for you?”

I told her I didn’t look at it as MY date, and I wasn’t asking her to plan anything. I see myself as my partner’s equal, and I was just seeking her equal input.

Sadly her feminist upbringing?

It didn’t allow her this distinction.

Instead of teaching her real equality?

It had taught her that someone has to DOMINATE.

Chalk up one more way crazy Kel shoots himself in the foot, trying to get to know you girls. I’m not a weak “beta” guy at all, but I have no interest in making you my slave.

Romantic love is MUTUAL.

You work out the details between you.

Nobody needs to lead.

Nobody needs to follow.

That’s all a part of Nature’s fatal plan.

What do you say girls? Does a guy really need to lead you in what you’re both doing, or could you warm up to the thought of being independent equals in love?

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