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Don’t Let Her Lead…But Don’t You Lead Either

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Don't Let Her Lead...But Don't You Lead Either

Don’t Let Her Lead is the title of a recent book.

It’s written by “Extreme Polarity” coach Zak Roedde.

Zak thinks its always the GUY’S job to lead.

You girls should be submissive to your guy in everything.

This view is making quite a stir right now because of it’s potential for girls being abused by their partners. While Zak claims in that case you should just “walk away,” that rarely happens in real life abuse situations.

But there are problems with the opposite view as well.

In feminism guys and girls are rarely true equals.

As Zak says, what happens is you girls seek to dominate instead.

At a minimum you emotionally manipulate your partners.

I’ve spoken about this theme several times before in my 3 Types Of Lovers series. When you couple with someone you naturally tend to be independent, submissive or dominant.

Something you should always ask yourself though?

“How do I protect myself from relationship mistreatment?”

Whether or not you submit yourself to your partner to be led?

How do you prevent yourself from being taken advantage of?

Even if you take the alleged dominant role, this does not mean you are completely free from experiencing emotional abuse anyway.

What nobody seems to be noticing here?

The real question is not “Who should lead?” or “Who should follow?”

The assumption is that somebody needs to lead at all.

But isn’t THAT exactly the problem?

This is why in the 3 Types Of Lovers posts what I recommend to you is that you embrace your own INDEPENDENCE. As long as you don’t become interdependent at all, you won’t run into this “Who should lead?” conundrum.

Once you decide not to blend your lives?

There is nothing really left to this discussion.

You do you.

Your partner does them.

Neither of you has the right to say who does what about ANYTHING.

This is another reason Romantic Friendships make sense. Once your relationship is only about your love, enjoying your connection becomes easy and simple.

Worrying who should lead is so passe!

In case you haven’t heard it’s the 21st Century!

Isn’t it time you act like it?

Start enjoying love without losing your independence?

How about you? Do you still believe you have to decide whether your relationship should be led by you or your partner or is it time to recognize it doesn’t need to be led by either?

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